Shared about PanEuRhythmy

Shared about PanEuRhythmy

Question. What, in your opinion, makes Paneurhythmy different from sports, martial arts, and ordinary dances?


If sport is a discipline for the body, martial arts for body and spirit, and dance for body and soul because music is present, then Paneurhythmy encompasses all this in a harmonious unity. It stimulates the physical body through movement, the heart and the soul through music, and the mind and the spirit through the lyrics. –Iglika B., age 30

Paneurhythmy is easy to perform, which is what distinguishes it. The body does not make an effort unnecessarily but experiences inner joy like that of children. –Dimitrina D., age 24

The capability of Paneurhythmy to transform negative conditions into positive ones is remarkable. It removes the burden from the body and soul and gives abundant living energy. –Kamelia N., age 46

Paneurhythmy is different from sports and ordinary dances by its awakened spirituality. –Adrian M., age 27

Paneurhythmy harmonizes the energy of the body. It calms and balances the individual. It attunes the organism to the frequency of the Cosmic Rhythm. Paneurhythmy can be practiced by everyone who strives for self-improvement, to be healthier, to be stronger, and to feel more beautiful. And all this cannot be related to sports, martial arts, or ordinary dances. For those, the person needs to be young and have financial means. –Nadka I., age 53

Paneurhythmy has a solid philosophical background; gives freedom for expression, and there is no competition or unhealthy ambitions. It leads to spiritual growth, and the connection with the Divine World is strongly felt. This is a shorter and more reliable way for self-improvement than through sports and ordinary dance. The benefit of all this is not only for the individual, but it spreads out in a subtle way to all around. –Zlatozara D., age 44.

Paneurhythmy is distinguished by its unique music and the harmony that is created by the collective performance of the exercises in concentric circles. The positive attitude of the participants towards each other during Paneurhythmy continues throughout the entire day. –Sonya P., age 42

Paneurhythmy exercises physically all the muscle groups as the other disciplines but moderately and equally. At the same time, it releases one from stress, energy blockages, and negative thoughts. It harmonizes an energy level of the two major currents in the organism: left and right, ying and yang, magnetic and electric. Paneurhythmy helps to develop concentration and abstract/logical thinking, but on a higher level. On an emotional level, performing the exercises is a combination of conscious work on individual growth and connection with nature with an enjoyment of the rhythm and movement. –Svetlana E., age 42

Paneurhythmy is distinguished by the joy of movement, communion with the other participants of the circle, and the surrounding nature. –Snezhana G., age 40

Paneurhythmy is a spiritual practice that is performed outdoors and which brings inner peace to the participants. –Ani L., age 62

Question: Why did you choose to practice Paneurhythmy?


I choose Paneurhythmy because it gives me wings and helps me overcome obstacles throughout the day with a smile. –Dimitrina D., age 24

I choose Paneurhythmy because when I do it, I collect in the easiest way the most energy. –Pavel M., age 39

I practice Paneurhythmy because I feel charged with a lot of positive energy, and I am full of vigor after it. –Maria I., age 53

After I tried Paneurhythmy I found that this is what I have been missing so far in my life. It is not just a group of physical exercises but also a whole Science of life that needs to be studied. –Siyana D., age 30

I choose Paneurhythmy because it is danced into the open and one can feel the magic of nature around. –Detelina I., age 43

I practice Paneurhythmy because it infuses me with energy. I feel wonderful; my day is much better if I start it with Paneurhythmy. –Lidia A., age 41

It is so pleasant to dance Paneurhythmy! I feel lightness, a positive mood, love, and an optimism that remains with me the entire day. This feeling is especially strong when performing it on Sundays, when it is really among nature. –Marina C., age 46

I practice Paneurhythmy because it brings me joy; I feel one with nature and closer to God. –Yordanka C., age 42

I choose Paneurhythmy because it purifies me from within, and I feel fulfilled and free. –Sonya P., age 42