Living Nature in its totality is a manifestation of intelligent forces, of intelligent beings of various grades who live in complete harmony, communion and unity.

All of them have a sublime aim which we call God, that is, that which has no limit, that which has no beginning, that within which everything exists, moves and develops.

It is clear that by "Living Nature" we do not mean that which contemporary natural scientists imply. For us Nature is something great not only because of its organization but also because of the intelligence and supreme wisdom which it manifests.

Living Nature is a totality of thinking beings which represent the "atoms" of the great immense world. The entire space within which we live and move is full of beings of different categories and cultures.

Thus, when we speak of the universe, we mean the sum total of intelligent beings whose relationships among themselves are absolutely harmonious These beings give value to the entire cosmos.

Therefore, from the viewpoint of those who have cosmic consciousness, the entire cosmos with its nature is a living being within which everything is united.

This cosmos might be "limited" or "unlimited", great or small: a great attribute of the Eternal is that It can take any form It desires.

To the spiritual sight of all the great initiates of all times and epochs the entire universe, called in ancient times the "macrocosm", appears in the form of a man - the great Heavenly Man. In contemplating this Cosmic Man they discovered the correspondences which exist between Him and the little man, the "microcosm".

That is why I say unto you that a man, every cell of whose body is awake and conscious, can communicate with the whole of Living Nature.

You see the stars like faraway bright points in heaven. But every star of the Milky Way or of any Galaxy has its receptive centers in the human brain. Man can receive instantly the impulses coming from the various stars. In this sense I say that man can communicate with the entire cosmos.

If for men on earth the stars are nothing but bright points, for an angel they are worlds inhabited by millions of beings. Those beings have a culture far superior to that of man.

Therefore, we call intelligent, Living Nature that which is revealed. And that which is not yet revealed we call the ideal soul of creation. The ideal, the eternal, the sacred, the unrevealed, is God, the beginning of life. It is linked with the manifested. That is the reason why some say that Nature is the body of God. This is only a figure of speech, but some are so captivated by this form that they maintain that Nature and God are one and the same thing. But if Nature and God are one and the same thing, then God would be a limited being.

We know with certainty that Nature is the revealed and God the unrevealed, the infinite who reveals Himself eternally and still remains unrevealed.

Ordinary people, who see just a small section of the world, think that Nature is something mechanical and unintelligent, within which chance reigns. Apparently, they project themselves into Nature.

In fact there is nothing accidental, nothing arbitrary in Nature. Within it everything is constructed and organized according to the unchangeable laws of Divine mathematics. Thus, every one of Nature's acts is strictly and intelligently determined.

The wisdom of Living Nature is apparent everywhere. If we examine any organism, studying deeply and discerningly its structure and functions, with all their regularity and utility, we shall be convinced as to the great wisdom of Nature which directs everything.

A higher intelligence and a penetrating mind are required, of course, as well as highly developed capabilities and the gift of fine and keen observation, in order to comprehend all the subtlety of the intelligence that is revealed in Nature.

Living Nature has its own language, and if man desires to understand nature, he must learn its language.

Nature always uses images, and always speaks in pictures and symbols. This language is not like the language of contemporary people - the arid conception and destitute logical forms of the analytic intellect. Nature's language is alive, picturesque, and symbolic, it is the language of great and beautiful diversity.

Nature tolerates no uniformity or repetition.

She loves diversity in e progressive and ascending degree.

Therefore, when people wish to reduce everything in life to a mechanical uniformity, they do evil. When they create according to the laws of diversity and harmony, as nature does, they do good.

Living Nature loves diversity and abundance, but does not tolerate any superfluity. If her energies are not wisely used, if they are hindered in their unceasing progress and transmutation, if they are limited within the closed circle of uniformity, nature reacts immediately. Nature does not stand still. There is eternal movement within her, eternal creation directed by intelligent laws. We observe a rhythm and a periodicity in these laws, which are rooted deeply in the very essence of Creation, in the way it manifests.

Upon that cosmic rhythm are based the two great processes of Living Nature - involution, in which there is a movement from the center towards the periphery, and evolution in which the movement of life is from the periphery towards the center.

These two processes create the conditions in which universal life can manifest itself.

There are two great streams - one from the infinite which gradually reduces itself and descends to the infinitely small, to the cell; the other, the constantly growing stream from the infinitely small, the cell, to the great, the limitless.

And when these two cosmic streams meet in man, then the great abilities and virtues of the human soul are born.

Living Nature envelops everything in its aura. This aura is bright, pure, rational and kind.

It is Living Nature that has implanted everything in man and that helps him each minute of his life to develop the seeds planted in his soul. Like a tender mother she constantly keeps his consciousness awake, turning his attention, by various means and methods, towards all that happens around him.

Contemporary men are greatly in error when they think that they can conquer Nature. If they could really succeed in doing that, the whole earth would be destroyed and not a living thing would remain on it. Living Nature, however, will not submit to domination. The only thing she permits is that her energies be put to work. But only the wise man, who adheres to Nature's laws, can with impunity put her forces to work. Everyone who does not adhere to her laws will be destroyed.

Experience shows that all of those who have imagined that they would rule Nature have been buried under the dust of their own ruined fantasies. Men who have thought that they must fight Nature, as they near the end of their struggle and prepare to taste the fruits, always have been cruelly deceived in their hopes. At the last minute Nature deprives them of the fruits of their efforts and leaves them to start work again, laboring to correct their mistakes and delusion.

Man must not fight Nature, because he will always be defeated. And do you know what his defeat is? Death! The reason for man's death is that he constantly fights living intelligent Nature, which he tries in vain to conquer.

It must not be forgotten that Nature does not easily forgive. Man might repent his sins ten times and they would still remain unforgiven. Nature forgives man only when he begins to adhere to her laws, not in an external, mechanical way, but consciously.

All who try to govern Nature, all who fight Nature, who resist it, from a deeper point of view are "outside" it. That is an allegory. Nature's door is locked to such people; for them she is a closed world. And do you know what beauties are in this world, what beings live there?

All people who crawl upon the earth today can be called nature's "backward pupils", prisoners. In this sense, they are truly "outside" it.

Nature has her reformatories for these men. And often she comes there with her punishing stick!

But for wise people, Living Nature is a wonderfully organized world - a world of harmony, music and beauty.

And one day, when the ears of men are opened, they will hear throughout the world the sublime music of Nature. Nature has her special music. But she does not always sing. Sometimes she is silent. At such a time, inexpressible silence reigns within Nature. There is deep meaning in this silence - deep inside her bosom, a great idea is being conceived, and until it is formed and born, Nature is silent.

When the idea is born, Nature begins to sing a new song.

And if you live a conscious life, if your soul is awake and lovingly disposed toward all living beings, you will hear the divine music of Nature which will pour like a living impulse throughout your body. The thoughts of all living beings will be transmitted to you in this music. The life of all rational beings in Living Nature will be transmitted to you with a speed greater than that of light and you will feel that you are a citizen of Nature's great kingdom.

Taken from the book “The Master Speaks”
Book is compiled by Georgi Radev (1900 - 1940). It includes subject extracts from the Word of The Master Beinsa Douno and represents the basic principles of His Teaching. Its first edition was in 1939. The book is translated from Bulgarian by Ernestina Staleva in 1970.)

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