Each movement is an act of energy as a result of an inner or
outer cause.


The first evidence for wisdom in Nature is movement. Wisdom begins with movement.


Each movement has meaning only when it is in accord with the laws of Nature, which are its language. These movements are conscious science, to which people will come back one day.


When harmonious thoughts and feelings dictate the movements of man, they are always beautiful. The greater the harmony in man, the more beautiful his movements.


So, thought is reflecting in movements, while movements affect the mind.


By the movements man regulates the energies of his organism. The movements shake the air whose vibrations are being transferred to the physical body by the Double. The Double of man is an aerial by way of which he perceives the impressions from the external world. This is the reason that the Double wraps the human body and protects it from misfortunes. The better man regulates his Double, the more properly he would perceive the impressions from the external world. Knowing this you should regulate your aerial often enough.


What are the movements of man? Investment of energy. Each movement has some conscious or unconscious function. Through his movements man either receives or transmits part of his energy.

Man should do conscious movements and apply them in his physical life as a method of transformation of his energies. All movements aligned with the laws of Nature are appropriate. They can heal the man.


What kinds of movements should you have? You should make movements, which to be pleasant to yourself and bring you satisfaction. When you make a natural movement in accordance with the laws of Nature, you would feel a great pleasure. But when you make an unnatural movement, you would feel as if a knife has cut you. When you are walking, your movements should be always in harmony with your general thought and your general feeling. When I say "general," 1 mean the human side of you. Your will should also be in harmony with your movements. This is the language of Nature.


You should keep yourself from any unnatural grimaces since you have a lot of them. For instance you make faces; scratch your head here and there, change position etc. But if you knew what each movement may bring you about, you would have been careful in your movements.


The exercises you do are a necessity since in one half of your body there accumulates more negative energy while in the other one positive. With these exercises the different energies of your body arc balanced. When a man is healthy, when he feels and thinks properly, the energies themselves get balanced. But when he is not healthy, Nature provokes a process of balancing of these energies, it brings forth a certain sickness and thus causes specific movements. When a man is sick, he writhes in pain, moves, lies, stands up and these regulate the energies. If a man properly balances himself he gets healthy, if he does not balance himself properly he passes.


If your movements are conscious, they are pleasant. If you make unconscious movements, you are spending your energy in vain. Any movement should be meaningful and sacred. So all of you should strive to have beautiful movements. Each movement in one or another direction should call forth the related sentient powers with which you may get in touch. Only in that way movements have meaning and benefit.


The more active your fingers are, the healthier you would be. The upper part of the hand is positive and willful, while the lower one - is negative. It is good to rub your hands from time to time in order to overcome your indisposition.



Each movement has its power. If you want to develop your mind through the senses, you should make exercises.

When you distance your arms from one another, this movement calms you down. When you near your arms one against the other this movement has the opposite effect. That is why you should command these opposite energies to move upwards.


Nature compels each man to move. Each man should do a certain quantity of movements. If he does not make them by will, he might block himself. When the sickness comes, he would do so many movements as are necessary.


Nature loves only wise movements. She cannot tolerate excessive movements. The movements should be rhythmical, because they are connected to our thought and feelings.


There is also music in human walking. One who lives in harmony, he has a musical style of walk. His movements are gracious, gentle. He steps lightly, first on fingers and then on his heel. Thus a curve is formed. Man should keep the angle that is formed in walking. If it is smaller or bigger than necessary, the rhythm of movement is broken.


The strong beating with the heels is shaking for the nervous system. It would be healthy while walking, to step quietly and calmly upon your toes not to disturb your nervous system.


In the future the learned people should adapt the heels of the shoes with springs, so that when one is stepping the spring to be contracting and stretching, which makes movements easier. The heels of shoes nowadays are made so that the heel beats mightily the earth, which causes shaking of the spine of man. As a result people get some nervous disorders. (1929 year A.C.)






Compiled by Dr Vassil Velev