Air is a store of Divine energies.

Air is the greatest store where Life has stored its energies.

Since the air is saturated with light and prana, while breathing man receives these two elements necessary for the blood.

When man does not absorb enough prana from the air, he always feels weak and exhausted; without life and vigor in himself. Who is to blame for that? Himself. It is up to him to perceive more prana, because it is abundant in Nature.

Man's power is in right breathing. Breathing is connected with thought, with feelings. Who breathes right, he thinks and feels right. This is the way of human development.

Breathing is a double process - physiological and mental. The ultimate aim of breathing as a mental process is purification of thought.

The lung represents a compound laboratory where a lot of energies cross. The prana from the air penetrates in the lungs and helps the purification of the blood even where the air can hardly penetrate. In the blood purified so the elements of Life are implanted.

There are three types of breathing: upper, middle and lower one according to which part of the lungs is most active in the process. The best one is full breathing. While breathing, man should appreciate the air as a unique blessing. When man recognizes the air as an invaluable blessing the air penetrates even the most distant cells of his lungs, sending them its prana, its life energy, which they extract and spread throughout the whole of the organism. When man perceives a blessing consciously and with gratitude, Love awakens in him and uplifts him. Each Divine energy which comes down should first of all pass through the respiratory system, and from there rise up to the brain and then come down to the heart.

If during respiration man's consciousness is not awake he cannot perceive the blessings to be found in the air. 

Breathing is a process different for every man. It is determined from the level of his development. The sick one usually breathes fast. Animals also breathe fast. The healthy man breathes with ease and calmly according to his development. I say, there is no life without air. The secret life in air is the connection between God and human soul.

Health is connected with conscious breathing. That is why at least three times a day - in the morning, at noon and before going to bed - man should use 10 to 15 minutes for breathing. While breathing he should give thanks for the air he receives, as well as for the blessing found in it. This is what conscious breathing means.

Deep breathing calms down the nervous system. The longer man holds the air in his lungs, the more energy he receives from it. So, man's health depends on deep and right breathing. Breathing properly man breathes in and out about 10 to 12 times. When he gets ill, the number of breathings increases. When the number of breathings decreases, life goes on; when the number of breathings increases, life becomes shorter.

While breathing, keep in your mind the good, healthy and wise people. Don't think of the evil, sick and unreasonable. If you think of them, they would oppose your breathing process.

While breathing, you should receive the air slowly, calmly, without haste. When you take in a certain quantity of air, you should hold it in your lungs till you receive from it the life energy, which is found in it. There is no a greater blessing for man than breathing slowly and holding the air in his lungs till he receives the life energy, i.e. the prana which this air contains.

Breathe in joy and love, with a smiling face, erect. Your back should be like a parallel line to the one that joins the center of the Sun with the center of the Earth. The chest be thrown out and not hollow. These are elementary rules for breathing, which you should observe in order to be healthy and in good mood. Breathing regularly you get in contact with the rhythm of Nature and strengthen in spirit and body.

I especially recommend you deep breathing to acquire patience. Patience is connected to breathing, to the respirator system. The deeper and more correct the breathing of man, the more patient he is. Breathe deep and hold your breath 10 to 20 to 30 and more seconds. Patience develops in proportion to the number of seconds. If man breathes a year or two properly and deeply he would develop certain gifts and talents. He would become more patient, more reasonable, develop his imagination, acquire greater calm.

I do not recommend fast breathing, but slow breathing with ease. When you go to bed and when you get up you should persuade yourself you are breathing slowly.

It is a mastery to breathe deeply but noiselessly, nobody tohear. When you breathe deeply, put your hands on your stomach so that with each breath in and out the hands rise also.

Modern people breathe in and out 20 times per minute. This is fast breathing. During fast breathing blood is very hurriedly oxidized as a result of which part of it could not be purified. This is the reason why many people have more impure venous blood than pure. During speedy oxidation of the blood the assimilating processes in the organism run improperly as a result of which a part of the burning substances cannot bum down and accumulate as deposits along the arteries and veins.

You should remember: when you breathe as usual you should make 10 to 12 breathings in a minute; when you are practicing, you should make 4 to 1 breathing per minute. You should begin with 4 and gradually decrease the number of your breathings. If you reach one breath per minute, you have acquired much.

One who breathes fast he is weak in will. Apply your will in the process of breathing and gradually decrease the number of breathings - from 20 decrease them to 19, 18, 17, 16, 15. If you can reach to 10 breathings per minute this would influence positively your organism. Who wants to strengthen his will, let him breathe slowly.

The Master Beinsa Douno,

Health and Sickness,

Bialo Bratstvo Publishers, 2002