About God we have two conceptions. When we first emerge from God, we conceive of Him as that which limits itself within itself. After we begin our development, proceeding from the terminable, the limited, and advancing towards that which has no beginning and no end, then we conceive of God as boundless and without a beginning.

Truth, which issues forth from the limitless, has made things limited. Truth has revealed the limitless.

God, being Truth, draws us to Himself, and Christ guides us along the right path of our inner advancement towards God.

Therefore, Truth is the direction leading to the boundless and infinite, which is linked to the limited.

It is written: "The Head, or Sum, of Thy Word is Truth." We know that every movement proceeds from the head and returns to it. The head indicates the direction. And when we say that someone uses his head, we understand that he has a direction and an aim in life toward which he aspires.

Only he who has Truth knows the direction of his life.

In the universe, everything is in motion. The earth moves around the sun. The sun moves around another sun - movement within movement. The common direction of all those movements is given by Truth.

Not only an the heavenly bodies in motion. All of the desires, feelings, and thoughts of man form millions of worlds and systems which move toward the great goal - Truth.

Man must know in every respect the course of his motion. He must not stop this motion under any circumstance. Truth does not allow the slightest indecision, not even for an instant. Everything therein is strictly defined. Every hesitation is fateful, because even the smallest movement of each person is so linked to other movements that the slightest deviation could bring catastrophe upon him - an intersection of the routes in the universe might occur.

All beings who do not live according to Truth desire to move in disorder. For this reason, Nature has restricted them. Truth implies movement in a definite direction - the direction in which everything in the universe moves - from the finite to the infinite.

"Truth shall set you free."

The aspiration and longing of the human soul is to be free. This is a mighty impulse, not in the ordinary man, but in him whose consciousness has been awakened. Freedom is a mighty impulse in the man in whom the Divine awakens.

Truth implies the higher in man.

"Behold, Thou desirest truth in the inward parts of man."

The whole life of man rests upon Truth, which brings freedom.

Freedom, in the absolute sense of the word, implies the spirit of man - that which is the most sublime in him - not the mind!

Through Truth we can emerge out of the limitations of temporary life and of death, and can enter into eternal freedom.

Some say that Truth is abstract. No, Truth is the reality that is at the foundation of our life. Truth is a world of indescribable beauty, which has its own colors, tones, and music. It is a world which exists now and will exist forever.

In this world, everything is strictly mathematically defined. There is nothing unforeseen, nothing accidental.

Truth is independent of individual conceptions. Whether you think in one way or another about it, whether you approach or retreat from it, you will not modify its relations.

Love constantly aspires to Truth. Truth is the object of Love. Without Truth as an object, Love cannot manifest itself.

Beauty is another expression of Truth. What is beauty in respect to man, that is Truth in respect to the Divine World. Truth is its light.

Because it belongs to the world of immortality, Truth is inaccessible to sinners. Speaking to sinners about Truth is like a mathematician speaking to ignorant people about higher mathematics.

Love tolerates people's faults and weaknesses.

Truth, however, is strict and implacable.

Truth does not tolerate ignorance, weakness, or impurity.

Here lies its perfect beauty.

Therefore, he who is weak may go to Love. He who is ignorant may go to Wisdom. He who is wronged may go to Justice, and he who wishes to be perfect may go to Truth.

Do you think that Truth is among the rich? It is not. Do you think that it is among the poor? It is not. Do you think that it is among the learned, the philosophers, the believers or the occultists? It is not.

Truth is nowhere to be found, because this world is a world of suffering and death, a world of unceasing changes.

To such a world Truth cannot come.

Truth cannot descend to it.

Truth converses with the sun.

Wisdom converses with the planets.

And Love is so indulgent that it speaks to the lowest, most insignificant beings.

Since it converses with the sun, Truth's aim is remote and exalted.

Therefore, mortals cannot speak of Truth. They may state a fact as true, but about Truth itself they cannot speak.

Open your soul to Truth and you will attain the freedom you seek.

Come to love Truth!

And if you are so poor that you have not even a cent in your pocket, know that there is something that is above any poverty. It is Truth. There is something that is above all riches. It is Truth.

There is something that is above all authority. It is Truth. Truth will open for you a great vista, and you will begin to see.

When Truth comes to you, it will enlighten your mind, it will bring peace to your heart, and give strength and health to your body.

Only he in whom Truth lives can be a hero. Only he can sacrifice himself, and by sacrificing himself he will enter and live in people's souls. Therefore I say: First of all and above all, love Truth!

Taken from the book “The Master Speaks”

Book is compiled by Georgi Radev (1900 - 1940). It includes subject extracts from the Word of The Master Beinsa Douno and represents the basic principles of His Teaching. Its first edition was in 1939. The book is translated from Bulgarian by Ernestina Staleva in 1970.) 

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