Principlea and Laws

Principlea and Laws



When the soul has a principle
, then the Divine works in it. When you come to the principles of Love, Wisdom, Justice, Truth and Virtue, do not compromise at all. Make no concession; there is only one opinion there.

There is nothing in Nature that is superfluous. There is evil for the person who does not understand the laws. Evil will turn into good for the person who understands the laws and keeps them.     

God is not in your suffering, in your power, in your knowledge. Where is God? In Love. If you love, He is within you. If you do not love, He is not there. You must love. This is a law.

I say, Let the one with feeble health love. Make experiments to confirm the truth of that law. If you suffer from fever, rheumatism or other sickness, get in love with someone. Your health would soon get better. The sooner you get healthy the more properly you have expressed love.
It is a law: Love abolishes all ailments and flaws. It is a special cosmic current which flows through all living beings. The more proper is received and transmitted this energy, thehealthier is man.

While you are living in the world of contradictions, you should know that you are under the law of evocation. Neither mortal, nor even immortal one is free from this law. Having this in mind, youshould always keep positive thoughts and feelings in mind, if you want to get free from many painful states that are not yours. If you get in touch with a man with pains in the leg. you would also feel the same ailment.


The influence, the evocation - these are only too human states. There are influences which man cannot get rid from. When sleeping in the evening you are influencing each other in an unconscious way. It is impossible to get rid from evocation. You should influence yourself or someone else would influence you but there is only one condition in the world to which man should succumb and this is inspiration.


No one is able to get free neither from the law of influence, nor from the law of evocation.


When living in full alignment with the environment man is totally free. But even if he has not achieved this harmony, this does not mean to be afraid to get in relationships with people.


People do influence each other. If you live among sick people, you would feel the state of theirs. If you live among healthy people, you will be healthy also. Having the power of this law in mind, man should wish in his soul to have a healthy body, noble feelings and bright thoughts. These things he should wish also to his fellows.


Some people have used certain methods for concentration of thought but these methods had negative effects. Why? - With such methods you stop your thought and knowing not how to send it back to the body, some blockage may occur in you. You concentrate and con­centrate, block your feelings, stop this accumulated energy and become eccentric. Nature does not like you to be blocking her. That is why, when you feel a burst of energy, go out in Nature - play and jump there.


I say, the student has to concentrate so as to develop his thought and not like the yogi does. There are many ways and methods used by the yogis, but if one does not understand them, he may thor­oughly cripple himself. These crippled disciples are out of the laws of Nature. The laws of Sentient Nature are stem. I am giving methods having the slightest risks for the human brain. These are the methods of Sentient Nature. The methods of yogi are connected with many risks.


For man to be able to manage with all his energies within he should study the law of concentration. When studying the law of con­centration, one should tryand concentrate his eyes upon a certain object without winking. Make this experiment beginning with a minute and gradually increase the time. It helps for improvement of the eye­sight. While doing this experiment your mind should be concentrated. There should be no distraction of thought and mind during that time.


There are people who with their light and noble thought help man, set him free from difficult and painful states.


The law of influence and evocation is such a powerful force that many vices in the world as well as many virtues are maintained by it.


You should apply the laws of evocation in order to influence yourself in a positive sense. If your memory is weak, work with evocation and you would make it stronger. If one likes to sleep much and does not want to get early in the morning, let him suggest to himself each evening to get up in the morning exactly at 5 o'clock. As a law, suggestion has meaning when it is applied to acquire something positive, to create something good in man's character. Either consciously or unconsciously, all people apply suggestion as a method of work.


The matter of the physical world succumbs to the human will. For that purpose you should know the laws that command the will. Matter succumbs also to the human thought. Therefore, set the energies of will and thought to work. With strength of will and thought man can drive the align substances out of his organism. Until these substances stay in him, he is in a bad state of mind and body. If he applies his thought and begins to consciously work, soon he may force the align
matter to go out like a boil. The boil bursts and the impure matter flows out.


To apply the will as a method to overcome physical and mental pains, difficulties and trials is nothing but a law of suggestion. One who wants to work with this law, he should be positive. Even the slightest negative thought paralyzes the action of the will. This is the reason why people with good intentions, with good thoughts and feelings do not succeed in life. They have good thoughts and wishes but they do not achieve their wishes. Why? - Because they allow for doubt and distrust as counteracting powers. Keeping positive thoughts in your mind, you would see that you have better results than those who take different medicines and specialties.






Compiled by Dr Vassil Velev






Truth brings freedom to the human soul.

The human soul longs and aspires to be free. This is a great inner impulse, not of the ordinary man but of the man in whom Divine consciousness has been awakened.

You have heard it said: "Know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."

Truth is the Light of the Divine world. Freedom is it boundlessness.

Therefore, when we speak of the Divine freedom which proceeds from Truth, we mean limitlessness, or the aspiration of the human soul to live in the infinite.

Freedom, in the fullest sense of the word, belongs to the Divine world.

Only God is absolutely free.

And the human soul which lives within Truth knows God as Freedom without limitation.

When man comes to feel that freedom, all his burdens all the limitations which oppress him disappear. He experiences peace, liberty, expansion. There are no limits to his consciousness; he penetrates into things at a glance. All the ice under him and around him melts. The sun shines brightly and all the noble seeds planted deep in his soul and waiting for thousands of years to germinate, begin to develop and grow.

Freedom is necessary for attaining that higher ideal toward which man aspires.

Men today are not free. They aspire toward freedom, but seek for it in outward ways.

Freedom cannot come from without.

It cannot be enforced by laws.

Every freedom, religious or political, which is enforced from without, is only a shadow of freedom.

The ideal freedom, the freedom which proceeds from Truth, is not based upon force. It depends neither on human knowledge nor on human legal order. It is not defended by outward law and force.

Indeed, is the freedom which must be defended with arms, really freedom?

Today men are slaves, and in order to be set free, they must be born anew. The new birth is the release from those bonds which fetter us at present. This means escaping from the chains of destiny and necessity; this means the recovery of the primary link of man to God, existing since man's appearance in the world. This means the recovery of his freedom.

In the beginning all beings were created free.

And if freedom has disappeared from the world, man himself is to blame for it. He himself has severed his original link with the Primary Cause. And he has formed many other bonds which have restricted and deluded him.

The divine source constantly sets him free from the limitations of the old way of life, but after a short time man sets out again on the old road.

Therefore, if man desires to be free, he must have only one link - with God - and with all other beings he must have only relations.

The only being who is free is God.

And the only being who can fully set a man free is God. God desires that all beings be free, as He is free. And they must be free because they are parts of the divine organism.

Therefore, only when the living God of Truth comes to live within man, only when the Divine Spirit end Power begin to act within him, only then will man be truly free, only then will man come to know God and be known by Him. Only then will he serve God freely in Spirit and Truth.

Freedom requires that man be ready at any moment to do what God asks of him. And it is only the free man who can do this, because no other bond restricts him. Precisely therein lies his freedom.

Today people dispute whether man has free will or not.

Only the man who lives in that real, unchangeable world in which God lives, only the man who understands His laws and serves Him in Spirit and Truth - only he is free and only he has free will.

Indeed, freedom lies in the will of man. And freedom always implies not self-will but rational will.

Only the rational man can be free. Living Nature gives freedom only to the rational. Nature restricts the ignorant, who do not have will, but self-will. There are thousands and millions of beings in the kingdom of Living Nature who are imprisoned and awaiting their freedom. Why? It is because there lies within them the self-willed desire to move indiscriminately in any direction. Freedom implies movement in only one direction - Truth.


Taken from the book “The Master Speaks”
Book is compiled by Georgi Radev (1900 - 1940). It includes subject extracts from the Word of The Master Beinsa Douno and represents the basic principles of His Teaching. Its first edition was in 1939. The book is translated from Bulgarian by Ernestina Staleva in 1970.)

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"Then shall the Righteous shine forth in the Kingdom of their Father."

Neither on earth nor in heaven, but in "the Kingdom of their Father."

This kingdom is not the kingdom of nature. The kingdom of nature is a kindergarten for the education of little children.

And these righteous men are not the ordinary righteous of the earth, nor is the Righteousness of which I am speaking the ordinary righteousness.

I speak of that Righteousness in which there is light. "Then shall the Righteous shine forth in the Kingdom of their Father."

If you radiate the light of that kingdom, you are righteous; if you do not, there is no righteousness within you.

Among the ordinary righteous on earth, who have no light, everyone might pass for a righteous man.

"The Righteous will shine forth in the Kingdom of their Father."

Many might say: "What does it matter to us that the righteous people will shine forth in some kingdom or other?"

But this is of great importance.

There can be no advancement and no development in the world without light. Billions and billions of years ago these beings - the Righteous - entered the Kingdom of their Father and acquired this light.

Because of this light the world sees now.

The light we live in now, is the light of the Righteous. It is the radiance of their righteousness.

Who are the Righteous who shine forth? They are bright angels, servants of God.

And if they stopped shining, stopped living in righteousness, we, here on earth, would be lost.

If you ask me why Righteousness is necessary, I will answer: "So that future generations might live in your light."

The light which comes from Righteousness is the essence of the light that gives life, that carries life within itself.

Love is revealed only to those who are righteous and who "shine forth in the Kingdom of their Father," that intelligent divine world where the Righteous comprehend the deep meaning of all things.

Righteousness is a quality of the human soul.

Each soul is born in order to be righteous. And in the beginning it was righteous.

Acquire this quality, this heritage which is given to you - to be righteous.

Every soul must be righteous. Why? In order that the great light might emanate from it. And within the light that emanates from Righteousness, Love will reveal itself. Righteousness is the foundation on which Love reveals itself and illumines the human soul.

All souls can be righteous and shine forth.

Souls that do not wish to shine forth, are souls that fight against God.

Do not fight against God!

Enter into the light of Righteousness and realize that you do not live as you ought to live.

Do not fight against the great Father of Love, who unites the whole universe and all beings in His harmony.

Sanctify His name because it is He who has sacrificed Himself innumerable times for all beings.

Once you hear His voice, the desire to sacrifice yourself for Him will arise within you.

You will be ready to give everything without the slightest regret. You will say to yourself: "What I have given is very little; would that I could live for millions of years so that I might continue to give."

The absolute Divine Love requires absolute Righteousness. Where there is no Righteousness, there is no Love. The physical aspect of Love is Righteousness. In order that Love might manifest itself in the physical world, Righteousness must truly be there.


Taken from the book “The Master Speaks”
Book is compiled by Georgi Radev (1900 - 1940). It includes subject extracts from the Word of The Master Beinsa Douno and represents the basic principles of His Teaching. Its first edition was in 1939. The book is translated from Bulgarian by Ernestina Staleva in 1970.)

Copyright © 1997 Publishing House "Byalo Bratstvo" All Rights Reserved


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