Μουσική της Πανευρυθμίας

Μουσική της Πανευρυθμίας


А wonderful Audio disk "Paneurhythmy"– violin and guitar

by Yoanna Strateva and Bojidar Simov.

Audio disk "Paneurhythmy"– violin and guitar

NOW you can download it (free download) - Click on link with word „Изтегли” here:

Yoana Strateva graduated from the Music Conservatory in Sofia and specialized in violin and chamber music in France. She is a laureate of several international competitions.

She is a professor of violin and chamber music at the New Bulgarian University.  Yoana has given concerts in England, Greece, France, USA, the Netherlands, Morocco and other countries.   She has been featured on a variety of Beinsa Douno CD’s:  ”Duet Esoteric” with Peter Ganev, ”Paneurhythmy” with her son, Bozhidar, and ”Music on Violin and Guitar” with Petyo Tzanov.

Yoana Strateva possesses a repertoire that ranges from the entire spectrum of classics for solo violin, to the haunting and pleasurable melodies of Eastern European strains, to the divinely inspiring sacred music composed by the Bulgarian musician and spiritual teacher Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno).

Accompanied on the guitar by her talented son, Bojidar Simov, of the Bulgarian State Music AcademyYoana brings an extraordinary depth of feeling and expertise of musicianship, as she both performs the classics and introduces audiences to the Sacred Songs designed to enlighten the mind, soothe the spirit, and transport the listener to new levels of sensitivity and consciousness.


Concert in Riga - Yoana Strateva & Bojidar Simov: