Texts relates to PanEuRhythmy

Texts relates to PanEuRhythmy


Beginning on March 22, the first day of spring, we start to dance Paneurhythmy every morning soon after sunrise. Paneurhythmy consists of movements set to music as introduced by the Master. It is danced in pairs in a circle. The movements are flowing, rhythmic, and harmonious, with each one a manifestation of an Idea.

In many of his lectures, the Master provided explanations and clarifications for Paneurhythmy. He also suggested other physical exercises for us. Here is a conversation in which he gave some additional explanations:

“Spend at least ten to fifteen minutes a day for exercise. Those who do not exercise now will need to exercise at one time or another.

Our thoughts and feelings should be present in every single movement. Every movement man makes influences Nature. The slightest movement of one's index finger, for example, affects Nature in Her wholeness. The emanations—the [electromagnetic] waves that emanate from the fingers—will circumvent the Earth, and in the end, return to the one from whom they have emanated with an increase in the good or the bad sense. Knowing this, one should be cautious with regard to one's actions. In addition to this, the actions of the various organs of the human body exert certain influences upon the mind, the heart, and the will of man.

There are movements that develop the mind; others—the heart; and still others—the will. One lifts up his hands while exercising, and this is an appeal to the Sentient Forces of Nature for help.

“We have close to perfect conditions for Paneurhythmy.

“For Paneurhythmy to be performed well, it is necessary that the consciousness be focused.

“One should first learn the basic movements and then proceed to the more complicated ones.

“Paneurhythmy is a method that deals with the problems of the past, the present, and the future. In the circle of the Paneurhythmy, the past, the present, and the future come together into a single moment.

“The music for the Paneurhythmy sequence, ‘Step by Step,’ is in a minor scale. Taking a step forwards or to the side is related to departure—in other words, to involution. Stepping back to the starting position is related to returning—in other words, to evolution. In the exercise, the ‘Rays of the Sun,’ moving forward towards the center represents receiving from the Center, and moving away from the center represents giving back that which we have received.

“The Advanced Beings from Above also dance Paneurhythmy; they make similar movements, and if our movements are in accordance with theirs, we will connect with them and receive their Blessing. In order to make this connection, it is not only necessary that our Paneurhythmy movements be correct and rhythmic, but that harmony exists among the mind, heart, and will of the performer; that is to say, the performer must possess Love, Purity, and an enlightened state of the spirit.

“The way in which Paneurhythmy exists Above cannot be done here on Earth, because humankind is not yet ready for it. We are given as much as is possible for us in its most accessible form.

“No other music or movements is as accessible as Paneurhythmy. In the future, Paneurhythmy will be introduced and practiced in other countries as well. A Swiss man who has studied the various kinds of dances—circle dances, folk dances as well as movements set to music— that are practiced by different nations of the world commented that he found the most perfect combination of music and movements in Paneurhythmy.

“A special school for the study of the movements and songs of Paneurhythmy is needed.”

From The Wellspring of Good – the Last Words of the Master Beinsa Douno