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Contact Us

This site is created and maintained by the Commission of PanEuRhythmy to “Byalo Bratstvo” Spiritual Society in Bulgaria. The five or seven member Commission is elected by the Common Assembly of the Society for a three year mandate.


 Members of the present Commission of PanEuRhythmy and contact e-mails and phones:

Dr Svetla Baltova (chair woman) -           email: ,
mobile: 0359 897 847 654

Nikolay Konakchiev  -                           email:

Atanas Atanasov, doctor  and  other  4 members.

Main Activities of the Commission of PanEuRhythmy:

1. Organizing meetings, seminars and forums with researchers and authors creating in the field of PanEuRhythmy.

2. Supporting researches of the PanEuRhythmic movements and the spirituals principles lodged in them.

3. Searching and investigating archieve sources in the area of PanEuRhythmy.

4. Organizing courses and seminars for training, qualifying and consulting the instructors of PanEuRhythmy.

5. Assisting in the organization of courses in PanEuRhythmy for beginners in different towns and villages.

6. Organizing and assissting scientific works and researches of  PanEuRhytnmy and its effects.

7. Organizing lectures, meetings and seminsrs  introducting PanEuRhythmy to the social public.

8. Supporting and advertizing PanEuRhythmy in the media.