Benefits of PanEuRhythmy

Benefits of PanEuRhythmy

Question: What is Paneurhythmy giving you?


Practicing Paneurhythmy brings to me calmness and comprehension. –Alexander Z., age 30

Paneurhythmy harmonizes your whole state, makes you focused. It makes you, before you realize it, graceful and inspires you toward more achievements. –Desislava A., age 34

Participating in Paneurhythmy brings me internal smiles. –Adrian M., age 27

It brings me health, freedom, light, and expansions of the consciousness. –Mitko H., age 58

Paneurhythmy gives joy and inspiration to my soul, brings harmony in my thoughts and feelings, and adds strength and energy for the body. –Iva B., age 48


Through Paneurhythmy, I gain inner peace and joy and believe in the good essence of man and his future. It stimulates the goodness within me and attunes me toward discovering the beautiful side in everything. –Marina C., age 46

Practicing Paneurhythmy gives me a joyful feeling, satisfaction, thankfulness to the Creator, and an even deeper understanding of the meaning of life. –Siyana D. age 30

It ennobles me, gives me peace, and revitalizes me. –Detelina I., age 43


Practicing Paneurhythmy gives me a sense of beauty, harmony in relationships, inner peace, everyday inspiration, many good friends, fruitful contacts, and connection with nature. – Iglika B., age 30

Practicing Paneurhythmy brings energy, health, and joy to the soul. –Sabinka C., age 74


Through Paneurhythmy I feel refreshed psychically, physically, and spiritually. My sense of rhythm, music, and flexibility develops; my spirit is strengthened, and I feel like part of the universal Cosmic Rhythm. –Maria B., age 47

It gives me joy, health, and life, and it increases my efficiency and concentration. –Marian C., age 31

From practicing Paneurhythmy, I became more energetic, joyful, and pliable. I acquired strength and a better capability to overcome problems in my life. –Biserka A., age50

Always after doing Paneurhythmy I feel spiritually and physically much better. –Stoyan G. age 72

Paneurhythmy gives me cheerfulness and optimism. –Angelina C., age 73

After Paneurhythmy, I feel stronger, lively, and full of ease. I fulfill the obligations for the day. –Ruska Sch., age 72

Question: Did practicing Paneurhythmy affect your mental and physical health?


Yes. Paneurhythmy helps me to shake myself from the tension and stress, and makes me calmer, focused, and balanced. It harmonizes my thoughts, feelings, and willpower. After Paneurhythmy, I feel relaxed, rested, and filled with positive thoughts, feelings, and the desire to strive toward good and beneficial actions. All remnants of aggression and negative thoughts disappear. –Zlatozara D., age 44

Paneurhythmy introduced a positive predisposition in my thoughts and feelings. My body posture improved. –Veselin D., age 39

Sometimes I begin Paneurhythmy in a negative disposition, but after I finish the exercises, I am always in a transformed state of joy and peace, inner strength, and self-confidence. –Mariana L., age 41

Always after Paneurhythmy I feel elated and humbled at the same time. It removes stress! –Svetla K., age 55

As a result of practicing Paneurhythmy I became more lively, pliable, and enduring. The flexibility of my knees improved. –Maria I. age 53

Practicing Paneurhythmy gave me back my self-confidence and my ability to enjoy life. I had problems with my soles—fallen arches—which almost disappeared. Also, my heart can handle now greater workloads. I feel more joyful. –Maria B., age 47

With Paneurhythmy, I removed all my depression and negative moods. –Adrian M., age 27

Yes. Paneurhythmy heals me through happiness. Depression brings illnesses; happiness cures them. He who loves himself can love others as well. This is the greatest wealth and a media for development of talents as well. –Maya K., age 34

Practicing Paneurhythmy helped me to overcome stressful conditions. –Iliyan Zh., age 54

Every time I dance Paneurhythmy, I feel healthier and more confident in myself. I feel happier. –Nadka I., age 53

Practicing Paneurhythmy improved my general nervous condition and elevated my spirit, and I found wonderful friends. –Maria P., age 54

Because of Paneurhythmy, I began getting up early, and as a result, I feel better because I am charged with morning living energy. During the day, I feel more energetic and at the same time, more focused and concentrated. –Lidia A., age 41

By dancing Paneurhythmy, my breathing became deeper. –Marian C. age 31

As a result of performing Paneurhythmy, I move with ease, and I feel more balanced, more tolerant, and optimistic. –Mimi Z., age 65

No doubt about it. Paneurhythmy had impact on my emotional and physical health. I feel magnificent every time after I have done Paneurhythmy. –Konstantin Z., age 48

Paneurhythmy healed my spirit and willpower, and it lessened the pain in my legs. –Zdravka H., age 57

As a result of Paneurhythmy, I became stronger physically, more peaceful, and more focused. –Ruska Sch., age 72

I found many specific positive changes in my health conditions due to Paneurhythmy. I suffered from insomnia and now I sleep like a baby. I had problems with my equilibrium (Menier syndrome) and now there is not even a trace of it. I experience constant joy and this provides health to my body and spirit. –Iva B., age 48