Healing with music


Singing and music are given man as a method of transformation of energies.


Music plays in Nature the role of a transformer. Music is a transformer not only for man but also for the whole of Nature.


The occult science recommends singing as a method of transformation of negative energies into positive.


Music uplifts the vibrations of human organism and on the other hand, revives the vital energies. Knowing the power and action of music upon the organism man should sing in all life conditions – being sick or healthy, during difficulties, trials, sufferings.


When sick or healthy you should sing and play. Music refines man and at the same time heals him.


If you want to be healthy, you should sing. One who never sings, he gets often sick. The good health is recognized according to the disposition of man to sing.


Music is power, which transforms the energies of man. Music strengthens health, it creates purity of thought.


Today music can be harnessed as a method of healing. If you require from the sick one to sing every day he would soon get healed, and vice versa, if the healthy one stops singing, he would easily get sick. Music stands at the border between the physical and the Spiritual world. Man could transform his energies by music. With the song a specific vital energy flows into the human organism. If you arc nervous or ill-disposed - start singing. Your state would change immediately. By singing such abilities are being developed, which could not be achieved in no other way.


Sad music has no positive effect upon the health of man. It is a result of some pathological condition. The cheerful music has a healthy influence. There are round dance songs, which are healing.The Bulgarian round dance songs arc healing. You should know how long you should sing and dance. There are hours for music in Nature.


Singing is not an entertainment - it is a method of tuning the energies. You have to sing in order to get certain energies. If a sick one does not sing, he would prematurely die. He should sing to recover the lost energy of his organism.


If during the time of suffering the sick one is able to sing, he would inevitably get healed. If he cannot sing, his healing is not sure.


I say, music is necessary in Life as a method of growth, devel­opment, healing. One who sings and plays for himself, not for those around, he would effect well his body, his feelings and thoughts. This is what a healthy person means. The true singing contains tenderness.


One of the new methods of healing is music. There are sick people who get healed when one plays the violin and they listen, oth­ers - when they listen to guitar, third ones - to flute etc. The different instruments influence people in a different way. If the sick one loves listening to the violin, you should play him something but with uplift­ing vibrations and not melancholic tunes.


The heartbeat for instance is healed by songs, which start with the tone C, but not the tone C of the tuning fork but a naturally sung tone C. If you sing this tone precisely you would immediately feel peace within, some little joy as if you had acquired something. Even small, this joy spreads Light in the soul, a flash as if the Sun has risen up. The main tone C is the key of Life.

Every one could try and experience this truth - to see if it is so. When one wants to sing, he should get into the right mood to find the proper tone in its natural clef. He should get up, stay calm for 10 to 15 minutes till he gets rid from all difficulties and contradictions, which exist in his mind, he should think about the wisdom of Life and begin singing. This means one has successfully and rightfully turned on one оf the music keys given him. This means the Sun to shine within and the mental energy to flow through his organism. If the tone C is sung correctly man can perceive the vivifying energies from the Sun and spread it to the organs throughout his organism.


Singing is a call of the human soul towards Nature. Being sym­pathetic, Nature sends her sentient, structuring energies to man to be of help. Singing is a method through which Nature regulates the energies of physical as well as spiritual life of man.


When singing, man should give both his soul and his spirit in the song. They transform the vibrations, uplift them and each uplifting the vibrations affects the organism to bring it health.


Musical tones are connected to the human organism. The brain has its own tones and vibrations, the heart has its own tones and vibra­tions, the stomach has its own tones and vibrations, the liver has its spe­cific tones and vibrations, the muscles and the bones of man have also their tones and vibrations. So that in the future music would be used as a method of healing. The sick one should sing the whole day, he should sing different tones which have a healing influence upon his organism. The healthy one should also sing in order to preserve his health.


The heart represents the tone C (do), the respiratory system -the tone D (re), the liver represents the tone E (mi), the lungs - the tone F (fa), the spleen - G (sol), the bile - A (la), the respiratory system - B (si). When the respiratory system of man functions musically in all scales we say it is regularly developed. Even at the slightest violation of this system its tone is being changed and turns into another tone and this establishes a certain disharmony in some of its organs. This dishar­mony we call sickness. So in order that no organ of the respiratory sys­tem gets sick, it should keep the purity and number of vibrations of its tone. The human organism has also its specific musical key according to which the different tones are determined.


Music is basic method in the new education. We are entering into the region of living music. Sing! Your eating should be musical, your thoughts should be musical and your speech should be musical. Music will enter life as one of the first hygienic principles. You should sing well, you should speak well – this is very healthy. It is music that forms the best connection between the mind, the heart and the will. Some people wish to know what the language of Nature is – music.

As a means of education, music should not be separated from life. The vibrations of music enter life. Our emotions, our thoughts, and our behavior should be music. Every one of us should sing, if not out loud, at least in our minds. Even if don’t have good voce, sing. A person who cannot control his larynx cannot form his own character.


This being so, music should be used first, for tuning the organ­ism and then as an art. 






Compiled by Dr Vassil Velev