The first task of science is to give such kind of knowledge
which to secure health in man. Healthy is a person whose brain, lungs and stomach work properly. These three systems should be in good order.


The healthy body is well organized and has no fats, nor surpluses. The healthy body means absolute harmony between the cells of the brain, the lung and stomach, between all the organs. In such a condition man feels joy while he thinks, feels and acts.


One of the most important problems of man is his health. Each man should be healthy. But health depends on four conditions: on the strength of his mind, on the kindness of his soul, on the light of his spirit and the tenderness of his heart. To attain all these, man should have knowledge.


Each man is similar to a battery from which thicker or thinner rays are emanated. One who is not able to assimilate them, he per­ceives them in his organism like a food difficult to digest which pro­vokes headache or some other kind of upset. In such cases Bulgarians say this man is under a spell. This is not a spell, he just came across two currents with opposite energies which are not in harmony. One who can see well within and without can manage such currents easily. He notices them from far, feels them and can escape them.


There are people in this world, pure and holy, who emanate specific inner power, which feeds man like the physical food. One could stay around such man for a couple of days without a thought of food and drink. This comes to show that there are different ways in which people can feed.


There are no sicknesses in Nature. In spite of this, because of man's incorrect actions, some unnatural accumulation of matter and power occurs. Not being able to bear those excesses, the organism gets ill. The right way of life consists in the knowledge what quantity of matter should be stored in each organ. Nature does not like barns. One barn is enough for man.


When man has been sick for quite some time he loses part of his vital energy. What man can do in such a case is touch with two fingers the lower fleshy part of the ear now and then and stretch it slightly down­wards. Then massage the bone behind the ear and see what changes may take place in his organism. Do these exercises not only when you are sick, but also when you are spiritually upset.


Each modern man should be acquainted with the physiological laws of his organism and should know what his health depends upon as well as his right sensitivity and thinking.


The future scientists should not bother with the pathologic states of man but should study their healthy states.


Sicknesses show the ways we have gone astray from the great Divine life and true thinking.


You should be healthy not only in a physical sense, but also mentally. Who is mentally sick? One, who feels dissatisfaction, who doubts, who does not control his mind, heart and will.


Many people are sick. Every one should know the origin of his sickness - if it is physical, mental or spiritual in nature. If the origin of the sickness is known there will be found a way of healing.


Sicknesses are given to people to acquire humbleness. Each disease is a specific task, which the disciple has to solve. He should perceive each sickness as a special privilege.


If a sickness falls upon you, do not be afraid, but apply Love in your life. It heals all kinds of sickness. Perceive sicknesses as a blessing given you in order to develop.


Diseases are your barometers. With their help you judge what you have achieved and what you still lack. While you still experience the disease, give thanks to God and pray that He help you to understand what you lack. They represent the negative side of your life at present. One day when you manage your illnesses you would come to the positive side of Life.


There are no absolutely healthy people on Earth.


It is necessary even for the healthiest people to get sick. Sickness is toning. When God wants to make people more sensitive and tender, they should go through sickness. The greatest people have suffered diseases. When you are sick, do not think it is a misery.


While you are in your present body, it is inevitable to get sick. To manage your sickness you should transform your body.


The sicknesses represent parasites in the aura of man, which he should certainly free himself from. Parasites are the negative thoughts, which suck from man and therefore he should get free from them.


Healthy man is one, whose thoughts, feelings and deeds are normal. Thinking, feeling and breathing are functioning in a right way in him. There is a store of energy in his organism. It is just the opposite with the sick man. He suffers from lack of energy.


What is the function of sicknesses? When some living being has misused the powers given him, Nature sends him a sickness to limit him. This means that sickness is nothing else than temporal limitation of the freedom of man or the living beings as a whole. Ill disposition, limitations are nothing but sickly states.


Sicknesses make man tender and delicate. People, who have been much sick, develop nobleness, gentleness and tenderness. Those who have been rarely sick or not at all, they are rough, cruel natures. I don't speak of mentally sick; these are sicknesses of another nature, they have no organic character. The mental sicknesses do not ennoble man. On the contrary, they embitter him.


The healthy condition in man is kinetic, while the sick one is potential. Most of the sicknesses are due to unachieved benefits and desires. Give a chance to the sick one to achieve his desires and he would be healed. In the future the doctors would heal people in a spiritual way, and not with medicines like they do today.


If you ask yourselves what is the cause of sicknesses, you should know that they are a result of lack of Love, Wisdom and Truth. The  sicknesses are a result of diminishing the  power of Life, Knowledge and Freedom. One who wants to be healthy, he should increase the Love and energy within himself.



General principles of healing


There was and still there is and in fixture there would be methods for healing. The modern physicians and modem science would have all the good will to heal, but Nature has hidden her methods. She is very stem to anyone who would use any of her methods.

There are a couple of ways for healing the sick. One of them is healing from Nature. Leave the sick to Nature and before long ho would get healed. "This is the best method. The second method of healing is from a physician. The physician would come, he would recommend some medicine and in a matter of time, the condition of the patient improves. There is also a third method of healing - the Divine one. With it sick one gets healed in an instant.


If you observe the condition of the sick one, you would see that three agents take part in his recovery - Nature, the physician and the sick one himself. Nature gives man a help of fifty percent, the physician - twenty five percent and the sick one - twenty five percent. The last most important factor is the sick one himself. If he does not take part in his treatment, the help of Nature and of the physician would fail.

The law of cause and effect resolves twenty five percent of people's difficulties. The law of Freedom resolves also twenty five per cent of man's difficulties, and the law of Nature resolves fifty percent.
If the sick one applies all the three laws, he would soon get healthy.
According to the first law he is his own physician and would help him self twenty five percent. According to the second law he would call a doctor who would help him twenty five percent and finally he would
let Nature to heal him and she would help him to about fifty percent.
Thus he would get completely healthy. If the sick one is left to himself alone and to the physician, he would only partially get healed. But if the sick one and the physician have to call Nature for help, treatment
would be effective to a hundred percent.


Many people try to apply their knowledge to heal. It is not an easy task. You treat someone in the well-known manner but instead of recovery he gets worse. You treat one with a certain medicine and he gets healthy; you heal another one with the same medicine and his condition gets worse. In general it is not possible to heal all people with the same method of treatment. For each sickness and each person there is a specific treatment. As many diseases and people in the world, so
many arc also the methods of treatment. Therefore if a man wants to
cure himself properly and to be of help to his fellowmen, he should study the science that discovers the mysteries of Nature.



Food and nourishment. Food as a remedy


There is a major law, which states: each being uses the food
given to him according to the level of his development


Whatever food man consumes, he receives its qualities.


Each kind of food that creates an oppressive feeling is unnatural. If it is natural it should create a bright and joyous feeling.


When food contains abundant Light man could sustain his organism with a limited quantity of food. Substances, which do not contain Light enough they are not nourishing. Not knowing the quantity of foods men delude themselves into thinking that much food is necessary for the organism.


According to me healthy food is digested for an hour and tenminutes. Each kind of food, which is being digested for a longer period is harmful to the organism.


If you want to know which food is pure and healthy, notice the way it affects your thoughts, feelings and actions. If food creates certain decrease in the mental life of man it is not hygienic. Food influences mainly the week people with unorganized energies. The wise ones are not too strongly influenced by food, they know what kind of food to use. While a man achieves this state he passes through different kinds of experiences.


Take the most cultural man and begin to feed him with the most gross food - you would change his life. Feed a rough man with the most refined food - within ten years he would change his way of life.

Each man. each nation, each society should choose the most proper food that affects it the best.


Nature has sternly distributed for each one with what to feed. Man is assigned to feed with fresh, pure food, which docs not easily decay. The modem people's kitchen is unnatural. It has deviated from the kitchen of Nature as a result of which people are prone to different
kinds of diseases and sufferings.


Each man who wants to be healthy should use such foods that correspond to his organism. This is the real hygiene of Life.


Often people try to apply psychic abilities to find out specific foods and diets. For instance some mediums recommend drinking wheat juice without knowing what is contained in the wheat and to what kind of people to recommend it to. Only the one who has the same disposition like that of the energies contained in the wheat should drink the wheat juice. You should eat oats, leeks or something else only if you have the disposition corresponding to the energies of the oats, leeks etc. This is the inner side of nourishment. This all of you should know and apply in your life. Without that knowledge you would always face delusions and wrong interpretations.


So, the hygiene of Life should start with the proper use of Light, stored in the plants and fruits. If the perceived Light cannot be transformed into life energy, we say that food is not well assimilated, that is, that between the food and the organism there is no congruence.

Nowadays hygienists and physiologists often recommend foods that don not fulfil their proper purpose. Some hygienists recommend meat, others vegetarian food but sometimes the vegetarian food is so much spoiled by certain oils that it might upset the stomach even more than the meat. In order to prevent such upset man should find his proper food like the animals. As to the choice of food Nature has given man an instinct or an inner sense for recognition. And when man restores his original state of purity, he would recognize which kind of food is proper especially for him. If man lets himself to be guided by Nature, he would solve not only the problem of food but he would know positively what kind of life to have and how to live.

Man can develop the gift to recognize the best foods for himself.


In the present conditions of life it is preferable for a man to be a vegetarian. The meat food introduces negative elements in the organ ism of man. which are difficult for him to manage. They affect in a harmful way his physical and mental life.

For the lower animals meat is a necessary food but for a higher level of life like the human one the meat diet is harmful. It hampers man in the process of his evolution. Whatever kind of food man feeds on, such elements he introduces in his blood. Knowing this he should keep the purity of his blood because health depends on it, his mental health depends on it.

You should solve the problem with the physical food and afterwards - with the spiritual. Physical food should be varied but natural.


Air, water, food, light and heat are elements, which the new science applies as methods for fundamental resolution of the problems of Life. One who understands the properties and application of these elements he can get healthy in a couple of minutes.


If the idea of Love really lives within you, you would be able to heal. Love is a power that heals. If you want to heal someone, but doubt if you might succeed, your Love is weak.


When you get sick, find about ten healthy people, get to love them and help them with everything you can. In 2 or 3 days, you will be healthy. If the healthy people also come to love you, it would be
even better for you.


Faith is a group law. Man cannot heal alone but if a couple of
people get together they can heal.


There is no sickness that does not succumb to Faith. When you get healed, do not hurry up to tell people how you were healed. Let
some time pass, then you may apply the same method to other people
also. If you tell people the way you heal, the sickness would come back
even before you see the results of your healing.


There are many ways of healing. One of them is Faith. If you have faith, you will get healed.


Apply faith in your life to see its results. Faith strengthens health. In the future medicine men would be sought for the healthy, not for the sick.


Faith is a power, which constantly grows and increases, turning into Knowledge. Faith may heal from any diseases.


Faith is an experience accumulated in the past, a thought which is connected to the living matter. Therefore always when man acquires faith a possibility is created for the vital energies of Nature to flow towards him. Faithlessness is evidence for a man who has no any connection with the Divine world.


I say, Let the one with feeble health love. Make experiments to confirm the truth of that law. If you suffer from fever, rheumatism or other sickness, get in love with someone. Your health would soon get better. The sooner you get healthy the more properly you have expressed love.
It is a law: Love abolishes all ailments and flaws. It is a special cosmic current which flows through all living beings. The more proper is received and transmitted this energy, the healthier is man.


When the body of man gets sick, he can heal himself with the Truth. Until man comes to love the Truth, he may restore his health and his body acquires a certain fragrance. If one loves truth deeply and expels lie totally he can heal himself from any sickness he suffers. For the health of the heart Love is recommended. Love is the only power that can balance the state of the heart. When man loses the balance of mind, man loses the certain fragrance. In order to restore it, he has to apply Wisdom.

Love cures any sickness. It uplifts the vibrations of the human organism and makes it capable to endure the external influences and the effects of microbes. When man gets demagnetized, he loses his vital energy and easily gets sick. When demagnetizing takes place, there appear cracks at certain spots in the double and the vital energy of man flows out from there. If this crack is plugged up, man gets healed. Each word coming from Love serves as a plaster to cover even the slightest crack of the nervous system.





Compiled by Dr Vassil Velev