Essence of PanEuRhythmy

Essence of PanEuRhythmy

Paneurhythmy is a Science which regulates the physical, spiritual and mental functions in man and is a synthesis of human thoughts, emotions and actions. The harmonious movements of Paneurhythmy are a method of the Sentient Beings for self-education. These movements are in connection with the human thoughts and emotions. If not, they would be mechanical and would not possess this stimulating and rejuvenating influence upon mind and soul. All advanced nations and races – the Sixth race which is coming – will become spokesmen of Paneurhythmy, which requires that man should simultaneously think, feel and move in a harmonious way. Paneurhythmy needs to be applied in the education of the individual, of society and of humankind.

“It is necessary to balance the physical movements with the movements of feelings and thoughts.
They need to become harmonious. Then these conflicts which exist today will be resolved. For example, two people are in discord. They could come into harmony by beginning to sing together.

“Every exercise is a psycho-physiological act. Every thought, every energy must become embodied in order to have expression. With these exercises, you will correct your thoughts and feelings.

“Paneurhythmy is the universal harmonious movement of the whole of Creation. When man performs these movements, he is in harmony with the whole of Creation. He then perceives God’s Blessing, because everything is from God.

“When we step on one foot or the other during the paneurhythmic movements, all chakras are stimulated and a change occurs in the positive and negative currents, in the creative and constructive currents

“When you bring into balance the energy of the legs, the relationship between you and the earth will be restored because the energy of the legs is connected with the center of the earth. Before that, a correct relationship between your energy and that of the earth did not exist.

“In Paneurhythmy, Idea connects with music and movement.

“There are some movements which I name ‘the movements of the Good’. They are beautiful. When somebody does something bad, he uses different movements. The movements are important: they determine many things. You cannot make a beautiful movement until you have a beautiful thought and a beautiful feeling.  Someone is religious and says that he does not need movements. Yes, he is religious, yet he has not learned to think and feel. It is necessary to have certain exercises that are predominantly of the thought; others – predominantly of the heart; and others, still – predominantly of the will. There is always a danger that things will become mechanical, and this happens when you do something without thinking. For example: when you eat, you have a strong motivator – hunger – and you enjoy the food. Similarly, with each exercise, man needs to understand that he will attain something and be happy that he needs this movement.  Sometimes you perform exercises, but at the same time, you feel discontentment. We can give beautiful callisthenic exercises for the development of the mind or for the development of some virtue, but for these, prepared people are needed. Monotonous thought creates monotonous features. Take for example the merchant: you merely need to look at him to discern his profession; the same for the butcher and so on. When you look at their faces, you can recognize what profession they have. This conformity is not good.

“You need to perform the exercises in order to rejuvenate. With Paneurhythmy, man gradually obtains softness and gentleness".

“You should come to know the scientific side of Paneurhythmy. Nature likes to reach great achievements with the smallest efforts. In Paneurhythmy, the forces of mind, heart and will are made to work in harmony. Through Paneurhythmy, it will be shown to people how they can receive the natural forces. We perform these exercises in the morning, because the best conditions exist then. These exercises should be done from the 22nd of March until the 22nd of September. According to the Law of evolution, we begin with the body.”

“The movements of Paneurhythmy are conscious. They are the preparatory movements. They have a miraculous power and influence the whole world, not only the individual. These movements are taken from Nature, from the whole Universe, and they are in harmony with the Cosmic Rhythm.”

“In Nature, all movements are mindful. Slavic dances should have meaning as a foundation. In the future, when people move and perform their activities, all of their movements will be harmonious, because thought, emotion and will will participate. Each corresponds to a spiritual quality: there are movements of goodness, of compassion, of justice. There is no virtue which does not have a line of movement. You should study this and make experiments once, twice, ten times, one hundred times until you find them.

“In Paneurhythmy, all geometric lines – straight, curved and mixed – are put into motion. Each line has an influence upon the consciousness and brings to life in man new forces – physical and spiritual. Songs need to be transformed into movements in which the arms, the legs and the entire body participate.

The body needs to be placed in various positions. We would like to live like Sentient Beings. We would like everything to advance. But when a man is walking, how should he do it? And when he reads, how should he do it? Or when he is in contemplation, how should he act? If he bends his spine while reading or contemplating, he does not attain anything. Man needs to keep the correct position between the Master – God – and the center of the earth. As much as it is possible, the spine should have only a very small curvature. When man begins to think rightly, he will begin to have beautiful movements as well. Everyone has a specific beauty in his movements which depend upon his character. Man has a commandant – the head – which directs, legs which execute, and arms which assist. Man is the highest manifestation of Nature in the physical world, whereas stones, plants and animals are inferior manifestations of Nature. In Nature, God works through man. The beautiful within man is the Divine. The words that man uses when he talks, when he thinks and when he does good are the manifestation of the Divine within him.

“Every tone has a movement as well. It is an art to be able to combine music and movements. If you speak the Language of Nature, She will respond and ask, ‘What do you desire, please?’ But if do not speak her Language, She will be silent. All the gifts acquired in the world will one day become available to the whole of humankind. That which each one of us acquires, will become available to all. In Paneurhythmy, all three Worlds are combined in harmonious ways, and no better system exists. Where music, movement and internal life exist, then the whole person participates. Truth needs to be put into movement. These movements will then remove the obstacles, and a Path will open.

“ All ancient mystical schools had rhythmic exercises as a method for instructing their students in music and agility. The exercises which I am giving you now have also been performed in the ancient times in secluded places by holy adepts for the purpose of great achievement. Contemporary science does not have data on Paneurhythmy and does not know what kind of movements the body needs to make during which song. Because we are in the epoch of the coming of the Sixth race, a new foundation of Paneurhythmy is being laid. Previously, it had been involutionary; but now it is evolutionary. The ancient dances had been involutionary. And now, in the evolutionary period, we collect the energy which we had imparted during the involutionary.    

“These paneurhythmic exercises bring the body and the will into attunement with the mind and the emotions; and these four – into attunement with the Spirit. The problem is that people have lost their connection with the Divine World. There are movements, thoughts, emotions and actions which are not in attunement with God; and as a result, man separates himself from Him. The most difficult thing is to attune the movements with our thoughts and feelings. When we attune them, then all disease will disappear. If you can command your legs as how to stretch, then you can command many other things.

The brain depends upon the movements of the legs, arms and so on. Therefore, when we consciously move our legs, we can improve our nervous system and remove every indisposition. The leg, the arm, the spine and so on have their centers in the brain; and when we move them, these centers develop and the nervous system improves, and along with this, the spiritual capabilities develop as well, because again the brain is their center.

“Some perform gymnastic exercises only to gain physical strength, but this is not enough. Some people say that they are not accustomed to doing exercises, but then they will lay down ill and – from necessity – will do them once again with their legs and arms. If you do not perform these exercises, then Nature uses another method – She gives rheumatoid arthritis, stomachache, headache and so on.  When you perform the exercises, then you will immediately feel the influx of energy and contentment. Otherwise, any deficiency of energy will make man discontent.

“If the musicians play these exercises each morning, they will become one year younger. There are movements to become younger. The elderly do them to become younger, and the young perform them so that they will not grow older.

                                 Second part of the Paneurthythmy – The Rays of the Sun

“The 12 rays of The Rays of the Sun show that the 12 Gates of Life are open. These are the signs of the zodiac, and the 12 Gates are written about in the Revelation as well. This exercise has two currents: arterial and venous. When you perform it, you will remember that which you have learned earlier, in the past. Through The Rays of the Sun, I set you free and I brought you to the ‘World of Gifts’. You should perform it with such grace that something will begin to quiver within you and within that one who watches you. Step in such way as if you were not touching the ground. During the clapping, the right hand should move more and towards the left. And the hands should be elevated a little higher after the clapping than at the beginning. The exercise has the rhythm of the Sun.

“He who dances these exercises (The Rays of the Sun) will attain freedom. They will be danced throughout the world. Teachers of them will come from here. With The Rays of the Sun, I am laying a foundation; and therefore, they need to be danced perfectly. All Beings of Light are attracted by them. Through these exercises of the Sun, we lay a foundation; and those Beings will come down to become present within us. When we perform them, the obstacles are removed, because the exercises neutralize evil and the Great Advanced Beings perform them as well. The music of Paneurhythmy and of The Rays of the Sun will awaken souls. Through the solar exercises, the earth is permeated with solar energy. The solar energies which come down to the earth are used through these exercises which we first take in and then send into space. And in this way, many beings are uplifted. These exercises liberate man from his worries.

“The movements which I am giving you exist within Nature. And only movements taken from Nature are beneficial. Movements which cannot be found within Nature are not harmonious and are harmful to man.

Third part of the Paneurhythmy – Pentagram

One sister asked, “Master, what is the meaning of the exercise The Pentagram?”

The Master said:

“This exercise is performed with five couples, is it not? They signify the five major virtues: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue (in the narrow meaning of this word). And these couples move and exchange places, do they not? This means that the virtues in man should be put into motion. Until now, the virtues have only been spoken about, but their application today is already needed. Through the exercise, The Pentagram, the virtues in man become alive and begin to work within him. This is the psychic effect of The Pentagram. In addition to this, this Idea is being sent into the world and is contributing [impulse] to the virtues of humankind that they may begin to manifest. Until you learn The Pentagram, you will have no success.

(Excepts from talks of the Master Beinsa Douno on Paneurhythmy)